Fortnite split screen | How to play split screen

Fortnite split screen
Fortnite split screen - How to split screen

Fortnite is one of the top battle royale games. One of the best features of Fortnite is the split-screen mode which allows two users to split-screen and play at the same time on the same screen without the need for the second screen. This additional ability lets you enjoy Fortnite with your family and friends by sharing the same screen.

There are many things you must know before starting the split-screen in Fortnite. Device compatibility, limitations of ability in games, and many other things. It is easy to set up the split-screen mode with your consoles. Today we will discuss everything you should know about Fortnite split-screen and how you can play split-screen.

What is split-screen in Fortnite?

Fortnite split screenA split-screen mode in Fortnite is an additional feature of Fortnite that allows users to split-screen and enjoy two games at the same time without the need for a second console. This feature not only makes gaming fun but also saves costs for the second screen. But there are certain limitations with split-screen mode.

Supported devices for split-screen

Fortnite is free to play and available and supported in most gaming devices and PCs out there. There is a limitation in devices for the availability of split-screen mode. You can only play split-screen on Xbox and Playstation consoles. This feature can rollout for PC and switch users in 2021 but until then only Xbox and Sony PlayStation consoles users can enjoy the split-screen feature.

Limitation of Fortnite Split screen

With great features comes great limitations. You already knew about the limitation of supported devices. There are some limitations of splitting the screen in Fortnite. Here are some of them which you can check out before starting the game.

  • While playing split-screen mode, if one plays exit or disconnects the match then the split-screen session will end. Fortnite treats the first player as the owner of the game which is the reason for the ending of the session.
  • Split-screen doesn’t allow the user to share inventory in your game.
  • Both users must have the same language in order to play split-screen. Multilanguage isn’t supported until now.
  • Split-screen only works while you are in the match. Your lobby and sub-menus are not shared better, two users. The second user cannot access menus.
  • Fortnite split-screen feature is limited to Squads and battle royale duos and doesn’t include solos or save the world, creative and limited-time modes.

How to play split-screen in Fortnite?

Before you start enjoying playing with your friend you need to do some certain setup. Fortnite split-screen setup is easy. Your second account setup is needed along with a second controller. We will discuss split-screen in Fortnite for both Xbox and Playstation consoles in detail to make it easy to understand.

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How to split screen Fortnite Xbox

You can easily set up Fortnite split-screen mode on Xbox. It doesn’t even require Xbox live gold subscription on both accounts. You must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription in one account though. Here is how you can play Fortnite split screen with Xbox.

  • You will require two Xbox controllers and two user accounts. Fortnite lets you enjoy two different players with split-screen. For that, you need two user accounts. You need a proper Xbox account as guest accounts won’t work.
  • Select the profile with your first controller and log in. Hit A now to start the game.
  • After that select battle royale and you can only start Fortnite in duos or squad mode on your Xbox. After you reach the lobby, the second player option can show up. Until then the option for adding the second player for split-screen can’t show up.How to play Split screen
  • Now turn on the second controller and pair it up with the Xbox console.
  • Now hit the middle button in your Xbox. Scroll all way to the left where you can select switch profile. Now sign in with a second account with whom you want to play split screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see Hold A button for [P2] Log in. Do so.Split screen Fortnite
  • Now it will show you to sign in. Sign with your account which you wanted to play in split-screen mode. Accept the terms shown. If the option to hold A disappears then exit the whole game and enter again.Start split screen
  • Now start and enjoy your game. Your Fortnite split screen on Xbox is successful. With Xbox X or S series, you can play split-screen at full 60 FPS.How to play split screen fortnite xbox

Fortnite split-screen ps4

You can play Fortnite split screen with Playstation consoles. You must have the second controller for the PlayStation console along with a second PlayStation network account saved in your system. You can follow the steps given below to complete the setup.

  • Launch Fortnite with your primary PlayStation network account. Create a duo or squad lobby in order to play split screen.
  • Now turn on the second controller. Select the second PlayStation user account with which you will play Split screen when it asks for the user.
  • A small prompt will appear on the bottom right corner asking you for holding X to log in to the second user. This is an important step to start split screen in Fortnite. Now Fortnite will launch once again.How to play Fortnite split screen
  • Now it will ask for the second player Fortnite account. You need to enter the code that appears on your screen by going to the epic games activation page. Login to epic games on your mobile phone or PC and do so before you can start split screen for your game.
  • Now the player who is in control can hold the triangle button and start the game. It will automatically split the screen and show the avatar of two players in two parts of the screen.
  • The second user can also take control over the game before starting by holding the X button. Then the second user can start the game just like the first user by holding the triangle button.
  • Enjoy the Fortnite split screen with your Playstation.

Fortnite split screen mode only allows you to play with a horizontal split of the screen. This might seems unfavorable for vertical split lovers. You get FPS of around 30 and 45. Anyway, it is fun to share the same screen and play a game with someone you like. If you have any questions then let me know.



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