How to add roles in discord with easy steps (100% working) – 2023

how to add roles in discord
How to add roles in discord

Discord is a chatting platform specially made for gamers. This software is available in MACOS, PC, LINUX, IOS, and ANDROID. This software has been gaining high popularity among its users and gamers are in love with it.

For users who have created a new server recently, it must be hard for them to create delete and to provide appropriate permissions. We are here to help to deal with it and use the software easily and smoothly.

In this article, we are going to show you how to add roles to discord, how to assign them to specific users, and finally, how to delete to add roles in discord

Discord Roles

The discord permission system is based on roles that you assign to our members. The permissions can be assigned at the server level and at specific channel levels within the server.

There are 29 permissions on discord that are divided into general, text, and voice permissions. To assign and understand the roles you must know the permissions well. For example, there is a default role called @everyone which is provided with the basic permissions and if the server administrative provides you with the @moderator role you can mute or even ban other users and you still have the basic permissions as other users.

Who can edit roles in discord?

You might have one question in mind. Who can manage roles in discord? Can anyone edit roles in the discord server? The answer is no. The only authorized person who has “manage roles” permission can edit roles in discord. Which you need to either have permission to edit the role or you need to be the server owner in order to add or remove roles in a discord server.


Creating the roles properly is very important for you to make your server run smoothly so let’s learn how we can create roles.

  • Login to discord and access your server.
  • Select the small drop-down arrow to the right of the server name and click “server setting”.add roles in discord server
  • Click “roles” in the left panel. You see a single role called @everyone. Now click on create role option in order to create a new role in the server.create new role in server
  • Click the icon “+” at the top of the central panel to add a role.
  • Name the role something descriptive and assign it color as it clarifies and informs each other roles.create new roles for discord server
  • Review all the 32 permissions and select only those you want to associate with the roles.

Finally, click on the option save changes and it’s done. Like ways, you can do the same with the new roles. By this you can create new roles for your server members in discord.

Also, learn how to fix the discord update issue on the mac.


Now after you have completed creating roles you must assign them to the users. So these are the steps

  • Select the user you want to assign a role to from the right panel.
  • Select the “+” under the username and select the role from the menu.assign roles in discord server
  • Repeat this for each user in your server and you can assign as many roles as you want to the single user.

You can also use the mobile application of discord to assign roles. To assign roles in the mobile application is kind of similar and the steps are given below.

  • Click on the setting and you will see a member option and click on that.
  • Click on the user name you are assigning a role to.
  • Tap on the role you are assigning to for that person and it’s done.

You can accordingly change the roles by going to the “roles” option as before and editing it. You can also learn about how to turn on light mode on discord (white theme mode).


Managing the roles is pretty similar to creating the roles. As the users get on increasing you can create new roles and provide them respective permissions. So managing the roles totally depends upon how you want your server o work, whom you want to give more responsibility and whom you want to give less. It totally depends upon your working space.


You rarely need to delete roles in discord as you can only not assign the roles to anyone. But still, if you want to delete the roles which you think remains unused follow the steps mentioned below to delete it

  • Select the small dropdown arrow next to your server and click on “server setting”.
  • Select “roles” in the next panel and select the role you want to delete.delete roles in discord server
  • Click the “delete” button and confirm by clicking ok

So hopefully with the information, we have provided to you, you may run your server smoothly. If you have any queries related to this article then let me know through comment.


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