How to change your voice on tiktok easily?

how to add voice effects in tikok
How to change your voice on TikTok - 2023

TikTok is a social media app that is used to create and share short videos. It is one of the most used social media apps. People can create videos of a time period of 15 seconds to 1-minute intervals and share them with their TikTok accounts.  It was developed and released by a Chinese company known as ByteDance in September 2016. It is currently available for android and iOS users. Users create funny, lip-syncing, educational, dancing, entertaining short clips and share through their account where they then get likes, comments, and followers.

TikTok can be difficult to use for new users if they want to upload their own videos by editing them. Normally watching others in TikTok is not hard but it can hard for new creators to fully understand the features and uses. You can create videos with songs or your own voice. Do you know you can change your voice on TikTok and add special effects? If you want to learn how to change your voice on TikTok and add effects then this article is for you. We will discuss the process in an easy way.

Voice effects in TikTok

Tiktok allows you to create videos that include audio of your choice. You can add your own voice in TikTok and also add voice effects. You can listen to the audio effects of your choice and edit your video. This makes your video more fun, dramatic, and entertaining. You can add voice effects on pre-recorded videos and on videos recorded from TikTok.

Available special voice effects in TikTok

Tiktok offers you several voice effects choices which range from a wide variety of effects. Here are the voice effects that you can currently use in TikTok. We have provided a short description of how they sound like.

  • Sound Waves: It adds a stronger electronic sound effect to your voice.
  • Chipmunk: Your sound is changed into high pitch tone just like Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  • Baritone: Voice is changed into deep and manly.
  • Mic: Your voice sounds like you are talking in a physical microphone.
  • Megaphone: Your sound is changed into the sound coming from the megaphone.
  • Robot: Sound is changed and added effect just like sound coming from a robot.
  • Shake: Your voice sounds like it is shaking.
  • Echo: Echoing effect is added to your voice. Each word has echoed.
  • Helium: You sound as if you have sucked helium. It is higher pitched than a chipmunk.
  • Gaint: Deeper and slower than baritone just like that of the giant.
  • Synth: Your voice sounds like that of 80s music. It sounds as if your voice has been applied with a synthesizer.
  • Elf: You sound like an elf from the movies.
  • Battery drain: Your voice sounds like draining of battery which slowly decreases and cuts.
  • Electronic: Voice is electronic and more like synth and robotic.
  • Vibrato: Audio is constantly vibrating and shaking.

How to change your voice on TikTok

You have two ways to add voice change effects in TikTok. You can directly record video and add voice effects and you can use video from your draft and add voice effects. We will discuss both ways here.

Part 1: How to add voice effects to recorded video

You can add voice effects to the recorded videos and you can only add voice effects to your own recorded voice. You cannot add effect to built-in music. After you record your video you can add voice effect to it.

  • In order to add voice effects in your TikTok video, you must record a video at first. Tap on the plus sign at the bottom and record your video with your own voice.add voice effect in tiktok
  • After recording your video, just click on the tick mark. After that click on the voice effects option from the right of your screen.add sound effects in tiktok recorded video
  • Now you will get various voice effects options at the bottom of your screen. Just click on any of the voice effects and click on the screen to hear how the voice effects sound.add voice effects to your voice in titkok
  • Now after choosing your desired voice effects just click next.
  • You can now post the video with the sound effect or just save it as per your choice.

Part 2: How to add voice effects to the TikTok video from draft

If you have added video and TikTok and save it in the draft then you can add voice effect in the video.

  • For adding voice effects to your TikTok video from the draft you need to go to your profile by clicking on me option from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • After that choose one video from your to add sound effects in tiktok video
  • Then it will show you the post option. Just click back.change voice in tiktok
  • Then click on the voice effects options.
  • After that choose your desired voice effect and click next.
  • Then just post your video with should effect on to change your voice on tiktok

It is fun to add special effects to your own voice and change it in the TikTok video. I hope this article made it easy to understand the process of changing your voice in TikTok and adding special effects. If you want to learn how to split-screen in Fortnite click here. If there is any confusion then let me know by commenting. Share this with your TikTok content creator friends and help them to add special voice effects to their video.



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