How to play music in discord with stepwise setup | 2023

how to play music in discord
How to play music in discord - 2023

How to play music in discord comes on every gamer mind. Discord is an online chatting platform that allows you to create your private server and add people on it. While playing a game and streaming, will it be possible to play music and share audio? Yes, it is possible. In such a situation, discord comes in everyone’s mind. Either to play a song on the server, playing games or throwing song party in discord calls, we need to learn how to play music in discord at first.

Sharing audio and music on a server with everyone you like is the thing that makes game streaming more fun. High-quality music streaming along with gaming is heaven for any gamer out there. So, everyone might be searching for a possible way of doing so. You can share your audio to your server member while playing games with discord. You can even play music on discord server easily.

Discord server is separated from other online chatting platforms because of its huge flexibility. Discord server builds with functionality similar to some of the custom made bots and you can also add your own custom-build bot easily in the server. There are many publically available bots for discord. If you have the developing skill then discord is your own playground to show skill. Among different types of discord bots, one of the most popular types of Discord bots is music bots. Discord supports both text and voice channels and also allows video sharing.

With a music bot in the discord server, you can add it in your voice channel and stream songs from popular platforms like youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. However, creating your own Discord music bot may be a long and hard process for you. Without coding knowledge, not everyone is capable of developing discord music bot and work with discord’s API.

So, in this article, we will learn how to use publicly available discord music bots to play music in discord with the detail process. We will list out some of the popular bots for playing music in discord. Along with that, we will get some idea of creating our own discord music bot.

What makes discord better than other chat platforms?

Discord messaging service is not like other platforms. It allows you to use API and your cool coding skill to make chatting more fun. You can add bots in discord server and make your chat more fun. There are several public bots like meme’s bot, game bot, music bot, etc on discord which you can add on your server and have some fun. Not only that your own custom bot can also be added on server.

Discord comes along with gaming making it popular among gamers. You can share your screen, audio and video with discord which is basically needed for every gamer. You can create your own server and monitor permission and access as you like. These are some of the key reasons behind the popularity of the discord.

Play music in discord server with bots

This is an easy way to play music on discord. Using discord bots save time and effort and anyone can add bot on their server. You can use publicly available discord bots to play music. I will list out four of the top music bot which you can use on discord.

  • Rythm: Rythm is a public music bot for discord. It supports music streaming from youtube, Soundcloud, twitch and much more. If you are specifically focussing on twitch live streams then I suggest you use this bot.
  • MEE6: MEE6 is not only music bot but also role assigning and administrative bot. It is an all-purpose bot. If you don’t want to allow different bots for a different purpose then you should use this versatile bot.
  • Groovy: Groovy is quite handy music bot with lots of features. It also supports Spotify which isn’t possible on most of the bots. We will be using this bot in our tutorial of playing music on discord.
  • FredBoat: FreadBoat is all-round music bot. This is the best in the list from my point of view as you can play music from most of music streaming services on your discord server with the help of this bot. It also allows user assignment for allowing the use of the bot.

Add music bot in discord

You can add any bot you want on your discord server. The process of adding bot on discord server is similar for all of the music bot. I will add Groovy bot on my server to play music. You can choose any other public bot you want. Process of adding music bot is the same from desktop and mobile phones. Here is the process for adding music bot in the discord server.

  • Before you play music on your discord server, you need to open your browser and go to the groovy bot site. Then click on add to discord.How to play music in discord with bot
  • Then login with your discord account and select server on which you want to add the music bot. Then hit continue.add music bot in discord
  • Then authorize the process and solve captcha. Now your music bot will be added to your discord server.add music bot in discord call
  • In order to play song in the discord server we need to do some setup now. Go to server edit option and click on create category.add music bot in discord
  • Then create your music category for discord server. Now click on the plus sign on your music in discord
  • Now name your music channel and create both text and voice channel one after another to play music on your discord server.
  • After that just join your voice channel which you created to play music. Then go back to text channel and play the song with -play your song to play music in discord through bot
  • For more commands you can check out groovy bot official site.

Creating your own discord music bots

If you don’t want to use public bots and instead want to create your own music bot for discord then this topic is for you. You must have coding knowledge in order to do it or you can simply use other’s GitHub repo about discord music bot and make a music bot for yourself.

Well, if you want to make your own discord bot then feel free to contact me for next tutorial otherwise here is Github repo of one of my favourite music bot for discord which you can use to create your own discord music bot. If you want to have more information then you can leave a comment below.

I hope you learned everything about creating music bot on discord and adding music bot to your server. So, enjoy playing bot in your discord server. Stay updated with for more awesome tutorials. If you have got any queries then feel free to comment below.



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