How to Solve the Discord Update Loop Mac Problem

Solve the Discord Update Loop Mac

Discord is one of the prominent VoIP services for gamers that is regularly updated with new additions and bug fixes. This popular gaming communication tool allows users to communicate with each other via video, text, and voice messages. But, it doesn’t open if it is not updated. 

Hence, if the Discord update loop Mac failed for any reason, you’ll miss out on advanced features and fix bugs. Here, you’ll find a useful guide on this error.Solve the Discord Update Loop Mac

Reasons for Failure of Discord Update

There could be several reasons why your Discord update failed, including the internet connectivity issues. You may start getting notifications of a failed update when you install the new update with an unstable internet connection. 

When the Discord update fails several times in a loop, the corrupted local files are the culprits. Anything such as firewalls disrupting the ability to connect to its servers can also be the cause.

Troubleshoot Discord Update Failure Issue

Mac users can try the following troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.

  • Remove Discord’s Cache Files

The Discord client saves certain files into Mac’s hidden folder for later use. When these files become corrupt, they can stop Discord updates. So, remove cache files by deleting the Discord Application Support folder. 

Ensure Discord isn’t currently running in the background or visibly. After deleting cache files, re-open the Discord client and sign in with Discord user details if prompted. Also, delete Google Chrome browser as well as other redundant apps you might not be using to free up more storage on the MacBook. It might be a stretch, but this suggestion could also help.

  • Check Discord Status

If Discord’s server is down, you can encounter errors such as failing to load messages. So, check the Discord status by visiting the Discord status website.

Alternatively, you can log in to your Twitter account and find the news on Discord. You can find multiple tweets with #discorddown if there’s been a server outage on Discord. But, make sure that tweets should be recent.

  • Restart Your Mac

This is the most straightforward solution that can resolve other problems as well. The Discord app may get stuck due to lag. Restarting your Mac computer is the potential solution.

To restart the computer, simply select the Apple menu and then click on the Restart button. Once you restart your Mac, check if the Discord app is not updating as intended. If it doesn’t work, work on other troubleshooting tips.

  • Reinstall Discord App

When all previous methods fail to solve the Discord update loop problem, uninstall and reinstall its fresh copy. Go to the Finder app and choose Applications. Now, search for the Discord app.

Right-click on it and choose Move to Trash or Move to the bin. Then, navigate to the Dock, and right-click on the Trash button. Click Empty Trash to uninstall Discord. Go to the official website and download the new Discord version and install it.

  • Check Internet Connectivity

Some VPN services block specific services, while Discord blocks certain VPN IP ranges that are disruptive. So, if you’re not using a VPN, issues related to your internet connection can prevent Discord from downloading/installing updates.

A DNS outage or irregular internet connection can prevent Discord from working. Go to the Discord website and check if you can get its web interface. If it’s working properly, the problem is not due to the connection.

How Windows Users Can Fix the Discord Update Issue?

Windows users can opt for the same ways as mentioned for Mac users. Alongside them, you can work on the following user fix discord update issue

  • Uninstall or Disable Antivirus

As discussed, the antivirus can sometimes disrupt updates on Discord. The aggressive antivirus may make it difficult for the Discord app to connect to the company server. So, it’s the best solution to disable antivirus software. 

First, turn your antivirus off and find out if the app updates and starts usually without any problem. If it works, then there is a conflict between the antivirus and the Discord app.

  • Rename the Update File

Renaming the Discord update file on PC has helped many users to fix the update problem. To start the renaming process.

  1. Press the Windows and R keys.
  2. Open the Run menu, type %localappdata%, and click the Enter key.
  3. Access the Discord folder from the appearing menu and find the Update file.
  4. Rename it and try installing the remaining updates.
  5. Check the latest Discord app in action.   

The Conclusion

It’s a smart move to install pending Discord updates to enjoy new features and functionalities and fix bugs. This communication app keeps adding new features for the delight of the gaming community.

But if you keep receiving the Discord update loop Mac failed error during the update process, fix it to prevent ruin experience. Try the above troubleshooting solutions. If they don’t work, move to contact Discord Support to get professional support.


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