Top 10 best Roku Games which you can try for free

best roku games
10 Best Roku games - 2023

Roku is an amazing device to turn your big screen TV into a full pack entertainment device. You can stream movies and TV shows with the help of Roku. But you might not know that Roku isn’t limited to streaming. Roku provides various games which you can play on your TV. There are many Roku games available on the Roku store which you can add and play as per your choice.

Roku has been an amazing device to have on your living room. It turns your TV into a gaming device just like apple TV. You can enjoy with your family playing small games on Roku and spend a lot better family time. Roku might not provide you with best games but it provides your with classic arcade, puzzle, card games and trivia games, playing such games you can spend your free time.

You shouldn’t expect the gaming experience like ps4 or Xbox from Roku. The games available on Roku are just simple games which you can play with your remote. Even though the Roku games are of low graphics, you won’t be disappointed because they are so much fun when you are tired of watching movies or series.

Roku for streaming and games

Roku is a hardware digital media player which can be used alongside your television to stream movies and tv shows from your favourite platforms such as Netflix, Disney plus and so on. Roku isn’t just popular for streaming. While you are bored of streaming on your TV, you can play games on Roku. Such games don’t have HQ Graphics but are quite fun to play. We are going to list 10 of such best-chosen games from Roku.

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How to play games on Roku

Before learning about the best games on Roku, you must know how to add games on Roku. I will list down two way through which you can add games on Roku.

  • At first, use your smartphone or PC and visit the Roku channel store. Then just browse the game you want and click on add channel in order to install in your device. After you add games on the channel, it can take a few hours to show up in the Roku box. You can also force the game to appear fast by going to setting then system and system update. Then just check update and do.
  • You can also use a Roku box directly. Go to Home then streaming channels, games and from the given list just select the game you want to add to the channel. Now just select the games from game channel to play games on Roku.

Top 10 Best Roku games

You might be eager to know the best Roku games. Here are the top 10 games which we have listed as best games on Roku.

1. Run CMD – Worthy Games on Roku

Run CMD is a free classic action game available on Roku. If you love playing with AI and power suit games then this is an interesting game. The graphics is classic and gives nostalgic vibe. It is one of the best Roku Games.

2. Ping Pong free – Enjoyable Roku game

free games on roku - Ping Pong
free games on roku – Ping Pong

This game is available on its original and 3D mode for free on Roku. You can play against the computer. Ping Pong can be considered as one of the best game available on Roku for free.

3. Air Hockey free- Interesting Roku Game

It is a traditional air hockey game which is available on Roku. This game has also made its position on our list of best Roku games. You can play Air Hockey for free on Roku.

4. Downhill Bowling 2

downhill bowling 2 - Roku
downhill bowling 2 – Roku

If you are a bowling fan then you will love this game. Downhill Bowling 2 isn’t like the traditional bowling games but it presents you with obstacles and stuff and makes it harder for you to gain points. You can show your talent on Roku with this game.

5. Retaliate

Retaliate is an amazing spaceship battle game which classic vibe. Unlike traditional spaceship destroying game, this game doesn’t have unlimited ammo because of which you have to absorb the enemy’s ammo. Show your classic childhood space game skills now on Roku.

6. Ships at war

Ship at war - Roku
Ship at war – Roku

Ship at war is a classic battleship game. You can either play with the computer or with your family, friends or other Roku users. Spending time with your family then this is a beautiful thing to do. This is one of the best game for all ages which is strategic and fun to play.

7. Street Racer

Car racing game is popular since our childhood and is irreplaceable. Street Racer can make you remember your childhood. The first 5 levels of this game are free. You can add this game on your Roku and play for free.

8. Doodle Jump

free Roku game - Doodle jump
free Roku game – Doodle jump

Doodle Jump is not only fun to play on smartphones but also with your Roku. Just add the game and enjoy it. It is one of the most addictive games to play and instead of killing your free time you might play this game for all time on your Television.

9. Super Stickman Golf

Best games on roku - super stickman golf

Super Stickman Golf is another awesome game available on Roku. If you are a golf fan then you can try this game. This game is like golf puzzle with 32 different courses. You can take the challenge and score beat this game in your free time if you are thinking of playing Roku games on your Television.

10. Anna Montana

Best free roku games - Anna Montana
Best free roku games – Anna Montana

Anna Montana is one of the finest game on Roku to kill your time. You can practice your time and resource management skill with this game. Yo need to do vacuum, laundry,  mop and other tasks to help send Anna to school. This game is quite fun and you can try the demo version as well. If you have free time to kill then try this Roku game for free with a demo version.

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I hope you like the above-mentioned list of Roku games. If you have more games except given above which you then leave a comment below. Share the games with your friends who are bored with just streaming on Roku.



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