Top 5 Worthy Audible Alternatives which you would love

best audible alternatives
best audible alternatives
Top 5 audible alternatives

Few people find listening to audiobooks more enjoyable than reading hardcopy or online ebooks. The trend of listening to books is rising and many audiobook providing platforms have been introduced. Listening to audiobooks in my free time has been a great way for time to pass. Audible is one such platform that has remained as one of the top audiobook platforms. What if you don’t want to use Audible? Are there any better audible alternatives?

Amazon Audible features are limited and the credit limit system might be a barrier for the fast listener. You might want to look for audible alternatives. Today we will discuss 5 worthy alternatives of audible along with their feature and subscription type. We will list both free and paid services to make you ease while choosing as per your need.

Worthy Audible alternatives

There are many paid and free audible alternatives out there. You might be searching for audible alternatives and had might have got many paid and free audiobooks platforms. If there are free audiobooks platforms then why choose a paid platform? This sort of question might arise in your mind.

Today we will learn about the best of the free audiobooks platforms which can be the best alternative to audible along with some worthy paid platforms.

1. OverDrive (Free)

Overdrive- Best free audible alternative
Overdrive- Best free audible alternative

Overdrive provides free access to students and library users. It allows users to borrow thousands of ebooks and audiobooks for free using a library card. . You can download two different apps to listen to audiobooks which are Overdrive and Libby. You can download the Libby app and use overdrive access. The tracking of the audiobook feature and syncing of the account across device allows you to continue from where you had left. It is one of the worthy opponents of Audible.

Overdrive is supported in Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Chromebook, Kindle Fire HD, and Chrome Web Store. App has a clean and user-friendly user face. If you are looking for a free audible alternative then Overdrive is the best option for you.

2.  Audiobooks now (Paid)

audiobooksnow - best paid audible alternative
audiobooksnow – best paid audible alternative

Audiobooks Now can be said as the cheapest audible alternative. It is supported in iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, etc. Audiobooks Now provide you with a 30-day free trial and it cost $4.99 per month. Audible provides you with free credit to buy a book every month whereas Audiobooks Now provides 50% off on every book you want to buy. You can also make combo off different books and buy them at a discount price.

Audiobooks have over 120,000 bestselling titles which you can access for a discounted and cheaper price. This makes Audiobooks Now one of the best paid Audible alternatives.

3. Scribd (Free and Paid)

Scribd - Paid audible alternativeScribd is a rapidly growing ebook, magazine, and audiobooks app that has millions of books and reading materials for you. Scribd provides you with best-selling and books as per your favorite genre like travel, science, mystery, etc. It provides a 30-day free trial and costs only $9.99 per month. Scribd has a user-friendly interface that allows customizations as per your need. You can customize the narration speed and app as per your choice which makes it one of the best audible alternatives.

Scribd is available on iOS and Android devices. You can read books and listen to audiobooks at the same price. While audible is limited to audiobooks, scribe provides you with not only audiobooks but also free ebooks, magazines, course books, etc. Scribd allows you to download audiobooks so that you can listen to them offline. You can customize the font size and adjust the background color. If you want to listen to best-selling audiobooks and want to access high-quality content at a cheap price the scribe is one of the best audible alternatives for you.

4. Hoopla (Free)

Hoopla - Audible alternative free
Hoopla – Audible alternative free

Hoopla doesn’t have many options like audible but if you can access high-quality content in large numbers for free then who cares about not having many options. Hoople allows you to borrow audiobooks from other libraries. With a supporting library card, you can access Hoopla for free. Hoople allows you to download audiobooks to play them offline just like audible. It can be termed as a worthy audible alternative.

It is available in Android, iOS, Amazon, Android TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV. You can signup for free on Hoople but if you don’t have a public library card then you can pay as you go. It is a cost-effective alternative for audible.

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5. Librivox (Free)

LibriVox - Free Audible alternative
LibriVox – Free Audible alternative

LibriVox doesn’t have many audiobooks as audible does but it is a good choice as a free option. LibriVox claims to have more than 50,000 audiobooks including the best-sellers in several different genres such as history, novels,  short stories, biography, poetry, etc in more than 30 different languages. LibriVox is free to use and is supported by volunteers. This might be the reason behind a little bit lesser customization option and less quality than amazon audible.

LibriVox is available in Android, iOS, and windows. It updated around 1000 books every year which might sound a little less for a die-hard fan of audiobooks. If you want free audible alternatives then LibriVox can be a better option for you.

Audible provides you with tons of high-quality audiobooks. But it might now work as you have expected sometime. I hope the alternatives which we have shown you for audible fulfilled your requirements. If you have any more questions then leave a comment below and also let us know which alternative of audible you liked the most.



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