What does MBD means in texting?

what does mbd means in texting
What does MBD means in texting

Most people use abbreviations while chatting or sending messages on social media. Our previous generations used to have a formal conversation using long sentences but nowadays everyone is in hurry to finish their text keeping them short and simple. Sometimes people use abbreviations to say a sentence which can arise confusion in the message. One such abbreviation is using MBD in social media websites.

You might be wondering what does MBD means in texting. If you look up the meaning of MBD online then you might get different meanings related to medical and other fields. This article will tell you what does MDB means in texting and when you can use it.what does mbd means in texting

What is the meaning of MBD?

You might have been MBD frequently while texting with your friends. So what does MBD means in texting? MBD stands for ‘My Bad Dudes’. MBD is an acronym that doesn’t require the support of any other further sentence. It is a complete sentence within itself. People use MBD in chat to tell when they want to apologize for something in a fun way.

What does MBD mean in texting?

We use MBD with our companions or people similar to our age with whom we can have an informal conversation. Unlike the previous generation, today’s modern generation likes to use short forms like abbreviations and acronyms to have a conversation. They have a tight schedule and want to keep texting short and simple. Nowadays people use abbreviations and emojis more in texting.

MBD in texting means ‘My bad Dudes’ which is generally used when you feel sorry about something. It is used to say sorry about something in a more sarcastic and fun way by being informal. Which means don’t use MBD in serious matters? You can use it only if the topic isn’t serious and can be turned out in a fun way. If the matter is serious then using MBD can make it turn our more serious.

When you can use MBD?

Now you know what does MBD means. If you know what MBD doesn’t necessarily mean you can use it anytime anywhere. Let’s talk about when you can use MBD.

  • You can use MBD (My Bad Dudes) while having an informal text conversation with your friends, cousins, or with a person similar to your age.
  • Avoid using MBD at formal conversations and while speaking. It will sound weird if you speak in abbreviation obviously.
  • Avoid using MBD while speaking with elders, high officials. This can sound bad and affect your personality and your views towards them.
  • You can use MBD to say you are sorry even you haven’t made any mistakes. This can make people feel sorry for you.
  • You shouldn’t use abbreviations and acronyms on formal documents or exam papers. This can obviously hamper your result.
  • Avoid using abbreviations less so that you don’t make habit of using abbreviations. You can forget spelling and your vocabulary can weaken.

Other meanings and abbreviations of MBD

If the above paragraph is not what you are looking for then here are some of the lists of other meanings and abbreviations of MBD which you might want to take a look at.

  1. MBD Medical Benefits Division
  2. MBD Minimal Brain Dysfunction
  3. MBD mashed ball diameter
  4. MBD Management By Delegation
  5. MBD My Brightest Diamond
  6. MBD Model-Based Design
  7. MBD Manager of Business Development
  8. MBD Mental Breakdown
  9. MBD Mission Budget Document
  10. MBD Minimum Block Decoder
  11. MBD Mad cow disease
  12. MBD Metabolic Bone Disease
  13. MBD Magnetic-Bubble Device
  14. MBD Mysterious Black Dude
  15. MBD Medieval Battle Day
  16. MBD Molecular Beam Deposition
  17. MBD Marketing & Business Development
  18.  MBD Manual Burst Disable
  19. MBD Microsoft Business Division
  20. MBD Meteor Black Dragon
  21. MBD Medicare Beneficiary Database

Final words from thetechnib

MBD is a common abbreviation which you can come across while having a conversation with your friends. You can also use it. I hope this article made you clear on what does MBD means and when you can use it while having a conversation with your friends in text messages.

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