Why my windows installation process repeats after being completed?

how to fix windows installation process loop issue

Windows is one of the popular OS. Sometimes you might accidentally delete your OS file or it might get corrupted. While trying to install from the bootable USB you might face one common problem. Your installation process of windows completes but again starts from the beginning causing a never-ending installation process loop. What causes windows installation infinite loop?

You can neither install, open, nor recover the windows OS when it gets stuck in the installation process loop. You might not have found any reliable answer and solution to this problem on the internet. Today we will learn why your windows installation process stuck in a never-ending process and how you can fix it easily. This method is tested and written from my personal experience on how I solved this issue.

Why your PC has a windows installation infinite loop?

This usually happens on old PC or laptops. When you try to install windows 10 your installation process might get completed but after few seconds it again gets started from the beginning. This usually occurs when your device partition isn’t supported. In the case of UEFI, you must change your hard disk drive partition from MBR to GPT and try installing in order to fix the issue. You should remember that changing from MBR to GPT deletes every file on your hard disk.

You might be wondering if the windows don’t open then how can we change HDD from MBR to GPT for installing windows. We will use the command prompt to do so. You need to create a Windows bootable USB first. You need at least an 8 GB pen drive and a media creation tool. You can download media creation tools from windows’ official site and follow the process shown there to create a bootable USB for windows.windows 10 bootable usb

Note: Remember that changing MBR TO GPT or vice versa will wipe out your HDD. Please think once or keep backup before trying.

How to fix the windows installation loop issue?

I will write a detailed explanation for this issue from my personal experience. You can install and open windows on your laptop and fix the windows installation process loop with this method. Follow the steps carefully to minimize errors.

  • Plugin your USB after you have your windows bootable USB, switch on your laptop or PC.
  • Then go to boot settings by pressing boot menu keys immediately when the logo of your laptop appears. You should check your laptop manual on the internet on what is your laptop model boot menu key. Most of the time it is either F2 or F12.
  • Remeber to turn on UEFI.
  • Now from boot options choose your Pendrive and the windows installation page will appear. Then select language, time, and input method and click next.
  • Windows installation screen will appear. Then click on repair your computer from the bottom left.repair your computer
  • Now go to troubleshoot, then choose advanced options, and open a command prompt.

    open command prompt from the windows installation screen
    open command prompt from the windows installation screen

  • Type the following commands in the command prompt step by step to convert from MBR to GPT and remember this will wipe your drive and delete everything.
>list disk
>select disk 0 (In your case select your own drive number where your want to install windows)
>convert gpt

After that, your hard drive will be converted from MBR to GPT.

  • Restart your PC and go to the boot menu again. Choose your USB and try to install the windows from your bootable USB and you won’t get stuck in the installation loop. Your windows installation process will get completed.

Windows getting stuck in the installation process is a headache for many people. The proper partition type is needed for windows installation as per your BIOS/UEFI settings. I hope this article solved the issue. Your windows will be installed and you can boot windows without any issue. If you have any more questions regarding this article then you can leave a comment below.



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